Benefits-Compliance Audits-ISO PROS #37

Benefits of Compliance Audits

When you look at it in a general way, all audits have a purpose and benefit for the company or person that decides to conduct them. If it wasn’t like that, people wouldn’t consider conducting or even plan them in the first place. However, when it comes to evaluating the benefits one by one and for each type of audit, things can get a bit more difficult.

After all, each company has a different need and reason for conducting it in the first place, and this makes the benefits it receives from the audit to vary besides having the usual and global ones. If you want an example of this, we love to give the Supplier Audit as the main one. This audit consists of analyzing and determining the ability of the supplier to meet all the requirements and needs of the company or customer.

This is the main benefit if you think about it because the customer will get the chance to see if the supplier it is about to hire or has employed during all these years is actually what the company needs. And suppliers also have an opportunity to show what they are capable of. Now, Supplier Audits aren’t the reason why you are here but they sure worked as a very good example to continue with the main topic: Compliance Audits.

This audit is conducted to determine the degree or level of conformance and integrity of the company with all the laws, regulations, and rules established in the city, country, and internationally.

By knowing this alone you can start imagining the benefits it brings to the companies and people that decide to conduct it.

But if we have to mention one benefit right away it would be the opportunity of companies to stay updated with all the regulations. After all, laws, rules, requirements, and all these documents tend to change every year or even every day. This gives a lot of work to companies since they have to make sure their management systems, operations, and processes meet each one of the rules established in these laws and regulations.

If you are thinking about how exhausting it is, you are right to think that way. However, you don’t have to go through this process every day. After all, you have Compliance Audits for this. This type of audit is conducted once a year most of the time since companies have the opportunity to meet the rest of the requirements and new rules during a certain period of time.

Of course, you shouldn’t wait until an organization goes to your company and determines if you meet and follow all the regulations because there is a high probability of being penalized for it. So, if you want to maintain your company in the right direction with everything about laws and rules, you sure will want to know more about the benefits of Compliance Audits from now on.

Extra benefits from this audit

When companies have all the regulations and rules in check, they have more opportunities to find and get more clients or customers. Any customer wants and searches for a company that meets every single requirement and law, and this is completely logical. No one wants to be involved with a business that has problems with the regulations and is prone to be closed or penalized anytime soon.

Therefore, if you don’t want to miss opportunities but rather have more of them, conducting a Compliance Audit can save you a lot of time and effort with this goal. Overall, you don’t have any specific benefits from the audit itself but rather the information and data you can collect from it. And all this information is directed to the regulations your company meets or not.

However, do you really need more than that? Being able to access such information allows your company to look at all the options it has and start working in not only following the missing rules and laws but also think about how to improve.

If you don’t believe it, just look at us. At ISO Pros, we are a company just like you and hundreds of businesses out there.

This means we have to meet several regulations and rules that go according to the industry we are part of and the services we provide for you and anyone who needs them. However, we don’t really look at it as limitations but rather opportunities to discover new ways to improve.

With more rules and laws, companies find that they are only an obstacle for their objectives, but having the ability and capability of reinventing yourself and finding new options is part of growing. Therefore, from our experience, we can assure you that Compliance Audits will help you to discover more than the non-conformities with the laws and regulations you are missing.


How do you know if you need to conduct it?

Usually, companies don’t wait until an organization or the government is knocking at the door for a quick evaluation or assessment. They conduct Compliance Audits as frequently as they want to or at least, once a year.

This gives a lot of margins to implement and follow the new regulations that were changed or created during the past year. Of course, if there is a new rule or regulation created in the middle of the year or after you have conducted the audit, you will need to catch up with it eventually or right away.

For this, you can also conduct another Compliance Audit, but we don’t think it will be necessary as long as you keep an eye in the new regulations or the additions to the main ones as you are supposed to do. Want more information about this type of audit? At ISO Pros we have a lot of data waiting for you to read and understand it.

After all, Compliance Audits is an extensive topic you need to study, analyze, and learn as much as possible to understand not only these benefits but the rest that are waiting for you.